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Neural Pocket develops and owns a broad range of proprietary AI technologies suited to object detection in images and videos, classification, spatial awareness, body movement/behavior analysis, facial expression and viewing analysis, and more. At the same time, we build new services and provide services to use toward building added value. This is achieved by analyzing the big data obtained through AI analysis in a dedicated data analytics program, and then quantifying and visualizing spatial information and personal attribute information.


The rapidly advancing development of digital technologies continues to greatly alter people’s lives. To adjust to this rapidly changing landscape, we are being called upon to redefine supply chains and various industries that support our everyday life.Amidst these environmental changes, we need to update facilities and institutions in our cities and communities, and overhaul the services provided to the people living within these communities in an integral manner to add value, and to better meet our energy saving needs.This service is an advanced analysis service tracking people and object attributes and behavior targeted at municipal and government bodies, real estate developers, railway operators, car parks, mobility-related enterprises, manufacturing and distribution companies, retailers, and more.This multi-faceted use of AI technology to provide added value through digitalization is broadly defined as the creation of Smart City concepts, and activities to facilitate the realization of such.

Urban development/facility operation aid IoT service “AI SMARTCITY” Urban development/facility operation aid IoT service “AI SMARTCITY”
AI digital signage service “AI DOOH”


With the continued growth of online advertising reaching a point where it is approaching the scale of conventional media, there is an increasing need for digital signage in city centers and commercial facilities.

Targeted at advertising agencies, developers, railway operators, commercial facilities and other businesses, this is a signage advertising service that features AI camera functions.

Each signage unit provides AI-driven pedestrian attribute analysis and browsing analysis functions, together with facility observation functionality using the camera

AI digital signage service “AI DOOH”


With the domestic fashion market shrinking some 40% over the last 25 years, issues with surplus stock, product discounting, and waste incineration have become a social concern.

In view of these issues, we are looking to use AI to evolve the apparel industry from manual work relying on human sensibilities, while rejuvenating the industry and ushering in sustainability (ESG) improvements.

This service is an AI-driven fashion trend analysis service targeting apparel companies and ODMs.

Bringing science to merchandising and planning driven by human sensibilities. Planned products to be rolled out at 2,200 stores nationwide.

Trend analysis service for apparel companies “AI MD” Trend analysis service for apparel companies “AI MD”