Neural Pocket ニューラルポケット株式会社

Update the world
for a better tomorrow

SERVICESThe three priority areas of our business


    An AI business initiative facilitating new retail, smart factory and other advanced business activities. We use proprietary-developed extensive AI analysis libraries to instantaneously build data networks on terminal (edge) device side.


    An AI signage service tied to advertising in commercial facilities, office buildings and smart cities. This fusion of AI and signage with advertising has helped bring the online advertising experience to real space.


    Introducing the world’s first fashion trend database, “AI MD”, consisting of a data library of some 25 million images. Aids customer brands in introducing products and reducing stock and waste at over 2,200 stores nationwide.


TECHNOLOGYUse of Cutting Edge Image Analysis Technology

  • AI Technologies for Edge Devices

    Parallel distributed processing is used on AI models within the camera device itself to convert abstract data in real time while protecting privacy.

  • Broad-ranging Object/Person Recognition Technology

    The use of various AI libraries for object and person recognition, coupled with dedicated tools for sequential learning, helps open the door to a broad array of potential applications.

  • Advanced Proprietary AI Library

    Unique AI libraries for use with drones, in sports, and a broad range of other applications are also being developed, with new application services set to follow in the future.




Accelerating AI development with computer graphic-based training data generation with Unity


Transcript of FY2020 full year financial results briefing meeting.


FY2020 Full Year Financial Results Briefing Material


Financial Results for the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2020


Transcript of Q3 financial results briefing meeting.


2020Q3 Financial Results Briefing Material.


Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended September 30, 2020.


Announcement of Setting of Record Date for Convocation of an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting and a Reduction in the Amount of Capital.


Company growth potential briefing material.


Neural Pocket has launched its first overseas branch in Singapore.


Neural Pocket’s CEO made a live call-in appearance on the Nippon Broadcasting program “Koji Iida’s OK! Cozy up!”. Neural Pocket provides free assistance in linking up the mask supply chain over SNS and elsewhere. This program reported on Neural Pocket’s efforts to match up companies ramping up to mass-produce masks, with hospitals, welfare and care facilities, and other places in dire need of masks.


Elected as an “EY Innovative Startup 2020”, which recognizes startups expected to achieve significant growth in the future.


An article on Neural Pocket’s AI-driven smartphone drive recorder app, “Smart-kun”, was published in Kodansha’s online magazine, “HotdogPress”.